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Lavender Castle

  Gerry Anderson of Thunderbirds fame isn't only responsible for that you know! As well as his puppet based output such as Joe 90 (my personal favourite) and Captain Scarlet, he was also the man behind the hugely irritating Terrahawks and the live action Space 1999. He also created the misleadingly titled Lavender Castle, which is soon to be released on a DVD. Here I'll give a quick lowdown on what it's about and who are the main players.

Lavender CastleTo start with, it isn't easy to explain what Lavender Castle is. An intergalactic quest and race against time is one description, good and evil engaging in a battle of wits to see who can find the legendary Lavender Castle is another. The castle is the very centre of the universe (where all light is created), it's up to Captain Thrice to protect it and the evil Dr. Agon to do his damndest to destroy it.

A thatched cottage spaceship, the Paradox is home to the heroes who are thrown together by fate. Each crew member brings his or her own unique special quality to the fight – the only problem is knowing just what that special quality is.

Lavender CastleCaptain Thrice, their great leader, has a unique knowledge of their destination and is in charge of the mission to protect Lavender Castle. There is only one small problem, he’ll be blowed if he can find it!

As the crew continue their search, they travel through a galaxy of adventures and conflicts with the dreaded Dr. Agon. Lord of the Dark Station and the Unseen Slaves, the most awesome destructive power in the universe, Dr. Agon schemes and plots to one day destroy Lavender Castle and enslave Captain Thrice and his crew.

Here's a quick hit-list of who's who in Lavender Castle:

Lavender CastleOn his bumbling adventures through space, Captain Thrice accidentally stumbled across Lavender Castle and came out the other side a changed man, with an unrivalled knowledge about the heart of the universe.

Captain Thrice is never without his Walking Stick which he lovingly carved from a Kao tree, only found on the planet Toma. When the Captain passed through Lavender Castle the walking stick started to develop a face and soon after, she started to talk. Walking Stick maintained a link with Lavender Castle and at desperate moments can sometimes produce a lavender ray, generated to neutralise even the toughest of opponents.

Lavender CastleIsambard was picked up by Captain Thrice whilst floating through space in his escape capsule after pressing the wrong button and blowing up his own spaceship. He is never without his bagpipes and his inventive skills are useful in patching up the Paradox. Gifted with a gentle soothing touch to coax extra speed from the engines of the Paradox with his sledgehammer.

Lavender CastleRoger is an ex-starfighter pilot down on his luck. Whilst piloting a space freighter, carrying paying passengers as well as cargo, he was shot down and roger, together with his last passenger Lyca were taken prisoner by Short Fred Ledd, Captain of a pirate ship. Both were saved by Captain Thrice and became irreplaceable members of the crew, Roger asthe pilot and Lyca, a young biologist always looking for rare plants for medical research. She becomes the Doctor to the crew, not to say anything about beings its conscience or spurring them to greater action when the chips are down.

Lavender CastleSproggle is an orphan, whose brutalised life is saved by Captain Thrice. Sproggle’s innocence often serves to protect him from the devilish machinations of Dr. Agon. He is the one who sometimes has the power to see through Dr. Agon’s disguises. He is also the one who unwittingly carries the great, final clue to finding Lavender Castle. Sproggle would like to think he was a born navigator with an instinct for the stars, if only he knew his left from his right.

Lavender CastleSir Squeakalot is a ship’s robot aboard the QZ3. He was knighted by Her Majesty Queen Zarla for his outstanding ability to reason. Taken prisoner when the QZ3 was attacked and sunk by Short Fred Ledd. This rusty, squeaking bag of nervous circuits, loves nothing more than to race into battle to rescue the odd damsel in distress – but not until he has finished the cleaning!

Dr. Agon, once a lonely child, he is now the lonely captain of the Dark Station, the failure turned megalomaniac. He runs amok through space and his warped mind is yearning to destroy Lavender Castle and rule the skies. He loves the darkness and breaks out in pimples at the very hint of lavender light.

Lavender CastleShort Fred Ledd, snorting, grunting, kicking and grumbling his way across the Galak-Seas. Short Fred Ledd, captain of the Cutting Snark is in love with the whole idea of piracy. Peg legs, black swats, parrots, hooks, pigtails, grog, cutlasses – he has got it all. He is even liable, Long John Silver-fashion, to give us all a few surprises. He is a total baddie – or is he?

Lavender Castle is released on 19th September and you can buy it here!
Author: Darren Jones


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