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Cult Movie Review List

Psych-Out - Have A Nice Trip
Psychout for Murder - Freakout the family
Puberty Blues - Out With The In Crowd
Public Enemies - 1934! The Number, Another Summer!
Public Enemy, The - Meet Jimmy Cagney: Superstar!
Puella Magi Madoka Magica - Magical Mystery Tour
Puffball - Fertile Imagination
Pufnstuf - The Magic Flute
Pulgasari - Any Old Iron
Pulp - This Didn't Happen in The Book
Pulp: a Film About Life, Death & Supermarkets - In A Different Class
Pulse - The Appliance Of Mad Science
Pulse - Only The Lonely
Pumaman, The - Nothing To Do With Shoes
Pump Up the Volume - Teen Troubles Tackled Today
Pumping Iron - Let's Get Physical
Pumpkin - Special Needs
Pumpkinhead - Revenge And Regret
Punch and Judy Man, The - That's The Way To Do It
Punch-Drunk Love - Crazy little thing called love
Punisher, The - Gun Laws
Punisher, The - She's The Crime Boss So Sewer
Punisher: War Zone - Get Your Own Back
Punishment Park - Police State Of Mind
Punk Rock Movie, The - Dispatches From The Frontline
Puppet Master: Axis of Evil - Deadly dolls vs. Nasty Nazis
Puppetmaster - No Strings Attached
Purana Mandir - Curse Of The Demon
Purge, The - Oh What A Night
Purge: Anarchy, The - Do As Thou Wilt
Puritan - film noir with a time travel twist
Purple Rain - A Prince Among Men
Pursuit of Vengeance - Kung Fu Conspiracy
Pursuit to Algiers - All At Sea
Push - Do You Mind?
Puss in Boots - The Cat From Out This Place
Pussycat's Paradise - In The Nude Mood
Putney Swope - Commercial Breakdown
Puzzle of a Downfall Child - Unwelcome Reminder
Puzzle, The - In Pieces
Pyrokinesis - Twisted Firestarter
Pyx, The - Fatal Femme
Q: The Winged Serpent - Come Fly With Me
Quackser Fortune has a Cousin in the Bronx - A Fine Romance
Quadrophenia - A Wild Eyed Loner At The Gates Of Oblivion
Quai des Brumes, Le - Footsteps In The Fog
Quantum of Solace - This Time It's Personal
Quarantine - As It Happens
Quatermass 2 - Rock Horror
Quatermass and the Pit - Gods Of War

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