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Graeme Clark

Status: Administrator
Profile: Films are my life.

Apart from the other things that are my life. I don't know what I'm talking about, really. I will pledge you willingly in a cup of bastard. M-haah! The French! LAZULIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII!!!

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My Favorite Brunette - Clever Dick
My Kid Could Paint That - Modern Art Is Rubbish
My Learned Friend - Order, Order!
My Little Chickadee - Godfrey Daniel!
My Little Eye - Ever Get The Feeling You're Being Watched?
My Lucky Stars - The Red-Handed Gang
My Man Godfrey - I Love You, Butler
My Name is Bruce - The Man Behind The Legend
My Name is Nobody - Remember The Good Old Days?
My Nights Are More Beautiful Than Your Days - I Forgot To Remember To Forget
My Own Private Idaho - Do The Hustle
My Science Project - Let's Do The Time Warp Again
My Scientology Movie - Louis Theroux The Looking Glass
My Son, My Son, What Have Ye Done - Pink Flamingos
My Soul To Take - Save A Prayer
My Stepmother is an Alien - The Extra-Terrible
My Super Ex-Girlfriend - Scary Lady
My Teenage Daughter - She Didn't Ask To Be Born!
My Tutor - In Praise Of Older Women
My Wife is a Gangster - Marauding Missus
My Winnipeg - Hometown Blues
Myra Breckinridge - Hooray For Hollywood
Mysterians, The - Mysteroid Needs Women
Mysteries of Lisbon - Don't I Know You?
Mystery Junction - Spite Carriage
Mystery Men - The Powers That Wannabe
Mystery of Picasso, The - Paint-A-Long-A-Pablo
Mystery of the Mary Celeste, The - Going Overboard
Mystery of the Wax Museum - Worth The Candle
Mystery on Monster Island - Le Verne And Surely Not
Mystery Train - Hail To The King
Mystics in Bali - Head Off In That Direction
Nadja - Dracu-lass
Nagin - Snakedance
Naked - City On The Edge Of Forever
Naked as Nature Intended - Letting It All Hang Out
Naked Bunyip, The - Sexy? No No No
Naked Cage, The - Bare Behind Bars
Naked Face, The - Think Shrink
Naked Gun: From the Files of Police Squad!, The - Protection Racket
Naked Jungle, The - Ant Attack
Naked Kiss, The - A Little Respect
Naked Lunch - William Tells All
Naked Massacre - Based On a True Story
Naked Prey, The - Red In Tooth And Claw
Naked Spur, The - Devil's Bargain
Naked Truth, The - Past Imperfect
Naked: A Psychological Film, The - Do You Find It Cold In Here?
Name of the Game is Kill!, The - The Bear And The Three Goldilocks
Name of the Rose, The - The Booklovers

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