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Victim, The (2011) - Kill or be killed
Victor Frankenstein (2015) - Assembled From Spares
Video Dead, The (1987) - Scream Play
Video Nasties The Definitive Guide 2: Draconian Days (2014) - Burn your video nasties
Video Nasties: Moral Panic, Censorship & Videotape (2010) - They were only movies
Videodrome (1983) - Glued To The Scream
Village of the Damned (1995) - Perilous Prodigies
Village of the Damned (1960) - Born To Be Wild
Village, The (2004) - The Outer Limits
Vineyard, The (1989) - Wine And Grine
Vinyan (2008) - Jungle Bungle
Virgin Among the Living Dead, A (1971) - Lingering lifeless
Virgin Witch (1972) - Starkers Sorcery
Virus (1999) - Short Circuit 3: Horror From Space
Visit, The (2015) - Help! The Aged!
Visiting Hours (1982) - Patients In Peril
Visitor, The (1979) - Groovy Aliens
Viy (1967) - Fright Nights
Voice Over (1981) - Listen Up
Voices, The (2014) - Conversationally Challenged
Void, The (2016) - Hell Is The Infinite
Voodoo Black Exorcist (1972) - South Seas Zombies
Voodoo Man (1944) - The Terrible Trio
Wacko (1982) - Hurray for Halloween
Wailing, The (2016) - Twist And Shout
Wait Until Dark (1967) - Now You See Her, Now You Don't
Wake Wood (2011) - Resurrection Girl
Wanderer, The (2006) - The Hitcher
War of the Worlds (2005) - Take A Look Around You At The World You’ve Come To Know
Ward, The (2010) - Asylum Anxiety
Warlock (1989) - The Work Of The Devil
Warm Bodies (2013) - Love The Dead
Warrior, The (1981) - Prime Prima
Washing Machine, The (1993) - Spin Psycho
Wasp Woman, The (1960) - Sting In The Tale
Watch Me (2006) - I Blame The Internet
Watch Me When I Kill (1977) - Don't Mention The War
Watcher in the Woods, The (1981) - Beyond The Forest
Watchers (1988) - A Dog And His Boy
Waxwork (1988) - They'll Make A Movie About Anything Nowadays
We Are Still Here (2015) - For The Love Of Lucio
We Are the Flesh (2016) - An Unhealthy Interest
We Are the Night (2010) - That's why the lady is a vamp
We Are What We Are (2013) - The Hunger
We Are What We Are (2010) - Fussy Eaters
We Go On (2016) - They Call Him The Seeker
Weapon, The Hour, The Motive, The (1972) - Catholic guilt
Web of Death (1976) - Beware the killer kung fu tarantula
Weekend (1967) - La Haine
Weird Woman (1944) - Voodoo Doll

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