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Deep Red (1975) - You have killed before and will kill again!
Deep Rising (1998) - Cruise Out Of Control
Deep River Savages (1972) - A Man Called Lunch
Deep Star Six (1989) - Hardcore Prawn
Delicatessen (1991) - Does This Taste Funny To You?
Delirium (1972) - Shrink On The Blink
Delirium (1987) - The Camera Never Lies
Deliver Us from Evil (2014) - Deliver Us From Boredom While You're At It
Dellamorte Dellamore (1994) - strange tales of love and death
Delusion (2016) - Bad Grief
Dementia (1955) - Homicidal Intent
Dementia 13 (1963) - Unlucky For Some
Demon Seed (1977) - The Immaculate Conception
Demon Seed (1977) - Synthesis Prime
Demon Witch Child (1975) - Another potty-mouthed poppet for Satan
Demon, The (1981) - Clairvoyant Cameron
Demoness from 1000 Years (1990) - Fame or Evil?
Demoniacs (1974) - Fun and games at the beach with Tina & co.
Demonoid (1981) - Helping Hand
Demons (1985) - Splatterday Night At The Movies
Demons 2 (1986) - High-rise Horror
Demons Never Die (2011) - Possessed by a Golgothan Shit Demon.
Demons of the Mind (1972) - Head trauma a la Hammer
Demons, The (1972) - No Nun Fun!
Deranged (1974) - Lost His 'Ed
Descent, The (2005) - Chicks With Picks
Descent: Part Two, The (2009) - Abyss-mal
Designated Victim, The (1971) - Murder by Design
Destroyer (1988) - You Did The Crime, You Do The Time
Detention (2011) - Every Day's A School Day
Detention (2011) - It's high school, not the end of the world
Devil (2010) - Get In A Lift, Mm-mm, With Bokeem
Devil Bat, The (1940) - Going For The Jugular
Devil Dog: The Hound of Hell (1978) - Pooch possessed by Satan
Devil Lives Here, The (2015) - Riled By Ritual
Devil Rides Out, The (1968) - Get Thee Behind Me Satan
Devil Times Five (1974) - Little Monsters
Devil with Seven Faces, The (1971) - Devil in the details
Devil, The (1972) - To Hell In A Handbasket
Devil-Doll, The (1936) - Small Wonder
Devilman (2004) - Better the Devil You Know
Devil's Advocate, The (1997) - Infernal Affairs
Devil's Backbone, The (2001) - Ghosts From Gold
Devil's Daughter, The (1973) - daddy's girl
Devil's Express (1976) - Down In The Tube Station At Midnight
Devil's Men, The (1976) - Minor Minotaur
Devil's Mirror, The (1972) - Just a devil woman with evil on her mind
Devil's Nightmare (1971) - saucy succubus slays seven sins
Devils of Darkness (1965) - Crack The Coven
Devil's Rain, The (1975) - The Wetter The Better

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